Here you'll find links to some of my projects. There's no underlying theme here, just a desire to make images of things that interest or excite me. I'm not sure you'll find much to tie these individual projects together, although I guess there is a documentary thread that runs through them all...although you could probably say the same about all photography. I hope you enjoy these images, and if you want to see more click on the images.

The Edge of the World

This is my exploration of a place at the edge of world, from its sparse dwelling, objects, landscape and flotsam; in time I may add people into the mix. Using both pinhole and lens-based techniques, I suspect that this project will change and evolve much as the place itself.

A Short Walk in the Dark

A Short Walk in the Dark is a project inspired by the lights of cities after night and the beauty they can bring to everyday scenes. These images are made using pinhole cameras, with little or no post processing. 


Messages, a project using pinhole photography to map light whilst grocery shopping.

No Kipple

A photoshoot for the fantastic online store NoKipple, beautiful things for people who care about details, quality and provenance.

Salty Machines

A project looking at the machines that allow the fisherfolk of Norfolk, my wonderful home, to bring all of the bounty of the sea to your table.