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I am a photographer based in the UK working primarily, but not exclusively with film. I work in a number of different styles, with different techniques and different media. Despite this disparity, my fascination with time, people, objects and place, and the way they interact is a constant theme in my work. I am interested on the impact that time and people have on objects and places and vice versa. For me an object and a place only come alive with time and through interaction with the environment. For example a new enamel bowl is not as fascinating as a chipped, well-used enamel bowl. What led to those chips, what has the bowl seen, what has been eaten from the bowl. These are the questions I ask and I hope those questions appear in some of the pictures I make.

My main interest is pinhole photography and I make images using both traditional techniques and by using the movement of the camera to capture light. This technique allows me to capture a map of the camera's movement; which can be recreated by anyone if the location and starting point are known. The results of this method can be observed in my current Messages and A Short Walk in the Dark projects.

With pinhole photography there is little between me and the image, the lens doesn't interfere because there is no lens. The choices we all make as photographers are amplified in pinhole images. The choice of film has an impact on the resulting image, and the infinite depth of field means that everything in view of the camera becomes vital. Pinhole images ignore the transient concerns of sharpness and resolution and present images in their most basic form. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed making them. I have a few selected images here, and there are more on Pinholista, my blog dedicated to pinhole photography. My pinhole work has been featured in Obscura Bookon Don't Take Pictures and I was placed in the top fifty in the landscape competition 100 Mile Radius. When I find time I am also an occasional co-host of The Pinhole Podcast.

Despite my love for pinhole photography I also use lenses to make pictures. A lens adds it's own character to an image adding to the tangible nature of the scene. Combined with film, a photographer can make a unique choice in imaging that allows a scene to be portrayed in a way that cannot be repeated.

 Nikon F3T...

When working with lenses I enjoy capturing the mundane details of the world around me. I'm interested in the way photography can be used to transform the usual everyday scene into something intriguing and beautiful. I aim to make images that show this transformation. A couple of my lens-based photographs have been featured on Out The Window.

Increasingly I am finding inspiration for my photography, particularly my lens-based photography, in the pages of zines and photobooks. With that in mind, I've you'll an occasional blog post here to share some of inspiration I have found as well as some of my day-to-day photography.

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