A trip to Felbrigg

Like much of the United Kingdom, Norfolk is scattered with old stately homes, many of which have become National Trust properties. In recent years, the Trust has made a lot of effort to make their houses seem more real, by allowing you to get closer to the objects and by ensuring the objects and the furniture seem as if they have been used on the day of the visit. This makes a real difference in the way you interact with the properties, at least compared to when I was a kid. 

Felbrigg Hall is one such property in North Norfolk, although its close to the coast it doesn't seem to have inherited much of the salt air in the objects. Rather, this is (at least to my mind) a classic English family home. Slightly dilapidated in places, and with a strange assortment of objects. The highlight is probably the garden, which is stunning (but which I made few images of).

The best thing about Trust properties is that photography is allowed (without flash...as I was informed) and almost seems encouraged. No commercial use of course, but that's fine with me. Anyway, here is Felbrigg, is a nice place for a Sunday pootle.

If you're worried about these things, the images here are all digital and all straight from camera with pretty much no post-processing (because really...life's too short for that kind of palaver).