Great Yarmouth - in October!

It was a prompt from my friend Kit that made this trip a reality. Kit is a very fine photographer, and he needed to get out of Norwich. After a little back and forth we set a date and headed off to Yarmouth. Given that we arrived at lunchtime we headed straight for the marketplace and Docwra's chip stall - chips and gravy fueled the rest of my day.

I found image making a little troubling on this short trip, at least around the sea-front and amusements. I was making images that I knew were going to be a little bleak. The light was flat and I naturally find myself drawn to the well-used and run down, I prefer the character of that type of place to the perfection of the new. The problem was that all around me people were having fun, even in Yarmouth in October, and so I felt my image making wasn't a true reflection of the place.

Perhaps this is a struggle for all photographers, how much do you feel you need to give a true, unbiased, picture of a place rather than bringing your own perspective and prejudices into the image. I'm not sure I have got it right here, but I am pleased I was conscious of it.

Regardless of the concern that my images might not be true to the place, or at least true to other's experiences, I had fun. Kit's a great guy to walk around with - plenty of time for chatting and no rush or hurry to move on to the next spot. It helps we seem to like making images of similar things, although Kit has a very different style to me (I will make him shoot colour at some point). At this point I should encourage you to head over to check out Kit's work

As we neared the Pleasure Beach I found my ears picking up a familiar sound. The scenic railway and the water splash were both clanking away. I was both surprised and excited as I adore the Pleasure Beach. I ride the scenic railway every year for my birthday. I mentioned this to Kit who then confessed (confession might be strong word) that he'd never ridden a rollercoaster or visited the beach of pleasure. Somewhat surprisingly we rode the monorail - a first for us both but an absolute hoot. The tunnel has to be experienced but I won't spoil it.

As you leave the Pleasure Beach (once frequented by Madness) you realise that the gasometers and Nelson's Column are looming. This heralds the end of the tourist areas and the beginning of the industrial heart of Yarmouth. We headed into that area, things got more deserted and a little creepy (the scorpion gate did not help). I made some photos but I don't have the film back yet...apart from the instant pictures below.

You know what though, Yarmouth in October is alright. I might go back, I might have more fun, I will definitely have more chips.

The images above were mostly made with my Dad's old camera, using a lens, on Kodak Portra 160 (rated at 100). I'm relatively happy with the processing and scans but really cannot wait for CFL to start up!